Tapas Takeaway

Tapas Takeaway/Eat In 26th January 2022

Please place your order via our app or      email pub@goldenfleecebraughing.co.uk

     Please order in advance if possible. 

Some dishes may be available to order on the night, but we cannot guarantee that we will have your favourite dish or dessert left!

Seafood paella with chorizo £4.75 (GF/DF)

Smoked paprika coated squid rings, fried and served with coriander, chilli and lime salsa £4.75 (GF/DF)

Strips of chicken breast pan-fried with cumin, oregano, garlic and sherry £4.75 (GF/DF)

Slow-cooked pork stew with chorizo, butter-beans and tomato £4.75 (GF/DF)

 Manchego cheese coated in salt and pepper polenta, oven-baked and served with membrillo (quince jelly) £4.75 (GF)

Albondigas – home-made meatballs in a tomato and herb sauce £4.15 (GF/DF)

Chorizo cooked in red wine and oregano £4.15 (GF/DF)

 Padron peppers pan-fried and tossed with smoked garlic salt £4.15 (GF/DF)

Patatas Bravas – crispy diced potato topped with a tomato and chilli sauce £4.15 (GF/DF)

Asparagus, edamame beans and petit pois tortilla £4.15 (GF/DF)

Garlic bocatta bread £2.75 (DF & GF available)

Home marinated olives £2.25 (GF/DF)

Perhaps to follow

Home-cooked churros with cinnamon sugar and chocolate sauce (DF) £6.95

Crème Catalan – a crème brûlée style dessert with a hint of cinnamon & lemon (GF/DF available) £6.95

Collections available from 5.30pm until 8.30pm

This is the only menu available on Wednesday 26th January.  Our regular takeaway menu will resume again 27th.