Braughing Sausages

Brasughing sausage Logo

It is with regret that we see the passing of D.White Butchers of Green End, Braughing. The famous butchers shopped had graced our village for over 60 years! It is where the famous Braughing sausage was born.

In 1954 Douglas White and his wife Anna made their first Braughing Sausage. It proved to be very popular with the people of Braughing and East Hertfordshire. Since those days the recipe has remained the same and the sausages are still made using traditional methods.

Fear not though the famous sausage is still in production by the Braughing Sausage Company, being manufactured by the companies Newmarket production facility.

At the Golden fleece we have decided that the Braughing Sausage should stay in Braughing and have become an official stockist. We are located directly opposite the old butchers shop, indeed many of its customers will be familiar with our car park.

Price list

Braughing Original pack                    384g         £2.95 

Braughing Original Chipolatas        384g         £3.00

Cocktail Sausages                                   x32         £3.50

Sausage Meat                                         454g         £3.00

Larger quantities are available with prior notice – please let us know your requirements by Wednesday day for weekend collection and by Sunday for weekday.

Buying when the pub is closed

If you wish to buy Braughing sausages but the pub is closed – please come to the rear door marked STAFF ONLY and ring the bell.

If you have any queries or to place an order please call us on 01920 823 555.